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Types of Tree Care We Offer



Having a tree removed can be a hard decision to make. It can bring a sigh of relief, or feel like saying goodbye to an old friend. Either way, sometimes it has to be done. We strive to make your experience as stress free as possible by offering competitive prices and being as low impact to your property as possible. 

Stump Grinding

Once the tree is down and hauled away, we can make the stump disappear. We also offer several stump grinding alternatives that often save our clients a bundle. 


Simply put, pruning means removing undesirable parts of a tree. Pruning is done for a variety of reasons, here are the categories of pruning that we offer:


This is the most basic type of pruning. Cleaning includes removal of dead wood up to a specified diameter (usually 1”), and addressees any major defects within the tree that could be harmful to its health or hazardous to people and property around it. Cleaning also addresses clearance issues from buildings, walkways and streets, and other trees or gardens.

Complete Prune

This is essentially Cleaning upgraded. Greater attention is given to aesthetics and what will help the tree in the long term. A complete prune often includes removing more live material than cleaning, but don’t worry, there is a reason for every cut.


Structure pruning focuses mainly on guiding how a tree will develop. This type of pruning is typically practiced on younger trees that have not yet developed irreparable structural weakness. An aggressive structure prune can leave a tree looking a little funny or lopsided for as long as a few years, but will be well worth the aesthetic compromise in years to come.


Sometimes a complete prune or a cleaning isn’t in the budget or isn’t warranted, but there may still be some things that really need to be dealt with. Maybe there is a huge limb that broke in the last storm and it looks like it's about to fall on the hot tub or into the driveway, or it might be one particular limb that is overshadowing your vegetable garden. Whatever it might be, a select prune targets only a few concerns and usually leaves a lot of work to be done.

Plant Health care (PHC)

At Ideal Tree, we are generally opposed to the use of chemicals to deal with pest or insect issues. We prefer to focus on promoting overall health - strengthening the tree’s natural defense mechanisms. However, sometimes chemicals are the best option. These chemicals are strictly controlled by the department of agraculture and Ideal Tree does not possess the credentials require to apply such chemicals. As such, we refer PCH duties to our friends at Sanctuary Tree Care when necessary. 


We love planting! Helping people establish healthy trees is one of the most gratifying aspects of being an arborist. However, we can’t say yes to every planting request. We like to see plantings succeed. Larger nursery stock, while far more expensive tends to take far longer to establish and has lower chances of long term success. We prefer to plant smaller trees that will grow into better trees quicker, and cost less to plant. Some species, though widely available, have terrible success rates. We like to help people chose the right trees for the right places that will work well long term.