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About us

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

About us

Ideal Tree was founded on the idea of creating a tree company that is well… Ideal. We aim to operate a company that provides the best possible experience for our clients and their trees. We also are committed to providing the best possible work environment for our employees. The urban forest is a valuable asset to any community, and in our opinion, an often undervalued one. We strive to help our clients understand what they are working with and to help them make informed decisions. Shopping for a tree company is hard, because most people have only a very rudimentary understanding of trees. All too many tree companies take advantage of the uninformed client and end up selling a lot of proverbial “magic beans” or services benefit the company more than the clients.


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We at Ideal Tree know that finding the right aborist to represent you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free estimates to walk you through your needs and find the service right for you.

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Our Team


Sam Benedict

Sam Benedict is a certified arborist with nearly ten years of experience in the field. Sam is a tree-geek, always curious, and always looking for how to do things better. When Sam isn’t up in a tree or helping clients figure out solve their tree problems, he can be found rock climbing, running, floating down a river, playing music or spending time with his girlfriend and their super awesome golden retriever.



Lance Hering

Lance Hering has been climbing trees and everything else since he was able to walk. He has been climbing trees professionally for about three years. His analytical mind and appreciation of all things interesting have helped him quickly develop into a competent arborist. When Lance isn’t working, he can be found at local climbing gyms making everything look easy, or spending time with his super rad girlfriend and family.



Lloyd Hering

Lloyd Hering (Lance’s father) is the glue that keeps Ideal Tree together. 70 years young, Lloyd has enough life experience to make the world’s most interesting man seem dull. As a career pilot, Lloyd is gone half the time but still seems to have no trouble keeping Lance and Sam in line and keeping the company moving forward. When Lloyd isn’t in the sky or taking care of business, he can be found staying fit running the trails around Boulder and spending time with his lovely wife.